Copaíba Oil and Andiroba Oil are the main products sold by the Amazonian Drop. We supply chemical, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics industries in all regions of Brazil and the world.

Amazon Vegetable Oils

What we produce
copaiba oil

Copaiba Oil

Copaíba or Copaifera oil is extracted through perforations in the trunk of the copaibeira, a species occurring in the Amazon and in several other regions of Brazil, especially in the Northeast region. [+]

copaiba oil

Brazil nut oil

This oil is also known as Bertholettia excelsa, it is extracted by mechanical pressing, cold, from the almond of the chestnut seed, a common species throughout the Brazilian Amazon. [+]

copaiba oil

Andiroba Oil

Carapa guianensis Aubl oui Andiroba Oil, is extracted by mechanical pressing, cold, from the seed of andirobeira, a species native to the Amazon region. [+]

copaiba oil

Oléo De Buriti

Buriti Oil (Mauritia Flexuosa) is extracted by mechanical cold pressing of the fruit pulp of the buritizeiro, a very common species in the Amazon River basin and in the states of Pará, Maranhão, Mato Grosso and Goiás. [+]

Commitment to Sustainability

From the Amazon to the World

sustainability is at the base of the Amazonian Drop, mainly because we believe that the only form of regional development is the economic use of our environmental assets through the development of local communities and the maintenance of the regional biome.
For this, we have adopted processes for interaction with extractivists and regional producers in the communities, providing training and technical assistance.
We develop constant improvements in extraction and production processes with a focus on the quality of our products, environmental preservation and in accordance with good international practices.
This harmonious cooperation creates an economically and socially sustainable activity, bringing development to thousands of families within the region and maintaining the preservation of the forest.

copaiba oil


copaiba oil


copaiba oil


Óleo Essencial de Copaíba

Gota Amazônica

Gota Amazônica is a 100% Brazilian company. Present in the market since 2019, its brand was established and is internationally recognized for its quality standards and commitment to sustainability. The company offers 100% natural and sustainable products that add quality and benefits, being raw material for a wide range of personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fragrance products and are distributed to all regions of the world.

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