Murumuru butter (Astrocaryum murumurú)

Murumuru butter

murumuru butter is extracted from the almond of the seed of the murumuzeiro fruit, a common species throughout the Amazon basin.
Murumuru oil (Astrocaryum murumuru Mart, Bolivia ‘ chonta ‘,’ chontaloro ‘,’ pani ‘or’ schibo ‘, Brazil’ murumuru ‘, Colombia’ chechana, ‘totose’, Ecuador ‘Huiango’, ‘Unan’, Venezuela ‘Orocori’) is obtained by pressing of seeds or almonds in cessto or “expeler” presses, requiring preliminary grinding, with disc mills, strong and resistant, due to the hardness of the material. Press yields rarely exceed 34%

Murumuru Butter Applications

Murumuru butter is used in lotions, creams, hair conditioning soaps, facial masks, shampoo, oils and emulsions, skin moisturizer, hair nutrition products and damaged hair restoration, depilatory waxes.

It can be indicated for use in other products such as: combing cream (curly hair), makeup, post-depilatory cream.

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